Navigating the complexities of web-based solutions requires great planning, great people, and great communication. Let us help you. We're very good at this.

Mungai Media is a family owned Portland-area development consultancy serving small businesses, ministries and individuals throughout the Pacific Northwest and abroad. We have a strong development background as well as professional design expertise.

In addition to positioning ourselves as leader in media development services, we are also aggressively developing our own intellectual property.

Mungai Media is managed by two principal partners, Jomo & Rebecca Greenidge.  When we say managed, what we mean is that Jomo manages the business, and Rebecca manages Jomo. While most partnerships might not work in this manner, we have found this to be extremely successful for us. Our kitchen table is a fertile ground for problem solving, design analysis, and business development. We’ve watched many ideas turn into successful ventures…and this excites us!

You see, Mungai is fueled by a passionate commitment to excellence. For us, excellence has to begin in our minds, before it can ever be translated into anything tangible. In addition, both of us have a tremendous need to express ourselves creatively. When you take all of that, combine it with a healthy addiction to food & shelter, we are sure we can help you get <your project> finished — both on time & on budget.

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